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If you’ve clicked on this page then you’re probably ready to join my workshops, but just need a little bit of reassurance that you’ve come to the right place. Fear not! Below you can read just a handful of satisfied clients’ comments and experiences after a Shooting Copenhagen Photography Workshop


“I knew nothing about this camera when I woke up this morning… but now I feel kinda dangerous. Thanks for a great (surprise) birthday present, Matthew. Keep up the good work, and let us know when you’re in NYC”

Mel and Reid

New York City, USA

If you’re a Copenhagen local or a visiting tourist or someone places in the Copenhagen area for an extended period of time, I can thoroughly recommend taking a workshop with Matthew.

Nick Scriven

Bro Kommunikation

I’m so glad to have booked an afternoon with Shooting Copenhagen, it was without a doubt one of the highlights of my stay. Matthew is a brilliant instructor, incredibly generous with his knowledge about all things photography. He’s patient, easy-going and offers a lot of great insight. Felt like I was out and about with a good friend. Guaranteed good time, highly recommend!

Regina Gavrilov

New York City, USA

I took a private workshop with Matthew to see if I had the skills to pursue one of my dreams: becoming a photographer. After that workshop, and some practice, I actually became a semi-pro photographer specialised in outdoor sports!

Pierre Mangez

Stockholm, Sweden

We hired Matthew to teach a group of us how to improve our photo skills for an upcoming conference in Florida. We saved money on hiring a photographer in the US, and we learnt so much – especially about portraits.

Terhi Minkkinen

International Council for the Exploration of the Seas

My sister and I joined Matthew on one of his Beginner’s Photography Workshops, and all we can say is, “Wow!” Matthew really knows how to improve your photography skills, no matter how good (or bad) you currently are.

Anna Lewinska

Copenhagen, Denmark

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