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Private Photography Workshops

Learn what you need to know at your own pace

What better way to learn a new skill than with 1:1 guidance?

Our Private Photography Workshops are extremely beneficial if you prefer one-to-one tuition or want to learn something different. 

Maybe you’re a quick learner who picks things up easily, or maybe the concept of aperture vs shutter speed is a tad confusing. However you approach your learning techniques, our private workshops take place at your pace so we can focus purely on your own skills and development.

For example, maybe you want to spend a couple of days learning how to get creative with your lighting and off-camera flash techniques, or maybe you’d rather enjoy an afternoon learning how to take better portraits of family and friends. Got a thing for architecture? Copenhagen’s buildings are some of the best in the world; a mixture of modern and historic, so where better to learn how to take fantastic cityscapes?

Prices start at 1.695 DKK for one person, and of course, there’s always a discount for people who come in pairs and groups.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our most popular private workshops below

Photography for Beginners

If you like the idea of learning the fundamentals of photography, but not as part of a group, then this is the workshop for you.

This is our most popular Private Photography Workshop, where you’ll get to discover your camera’s functions and settings, as well as what makes a great picture.

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One to one photography workshops for beginners in Copenhagen

Getting Started with Adobe Lightroom

We really can’t recommend our editing workshops enough. If you’re truly serious about improving your photography skills then these lessons are a must.

You’ll learn all about sharpening, exposure corrections, cropping and colour, plus we’ll show you how to create and perfect the ideal Lightroom editing workflow, from start to finish.

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Adobe Lightroom Workshops in Copenhagen

Portrait Photography

There are so many different styles of portrait photography; from environmental portraits taken at work, to romantic portraits of the bride and groom during their wedding. And then there’s this crazy portrait of a man with a tarantula on his head!

Whichever style you prefer, contact us and let us know how we can help you learn and improve your portrait photography skills

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Portrait Photography Workshops in Copenhagen

Creative Light

How often have you actually considered using different sources of light for your photos, instead of just the sun or the bedside lamp?


Our Creative Light workshops will show you multiple ways of using alternative light sources, especially off-camera flash. This is a really fun way of instantly improving your images and making them pop!

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Creative Light Photography Workshops in Copenhagen

Cityscapes and Architecture

The city of Copenhagen has so many wonderful buildings, bridges and features, and exploring these with a camera is a truly rewarding experience.

Personally, this workshop is one of our absolute favourites, and we can take you to some amazing locations that your photography portfolio will one day thank you for.

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Cityscapes and Architecture Photography Workshops in Copenhagen

Sports Photography

Who doesn’t love exercise, right? Take your passion for action and sport one step further by learning how to capture the perfect moment.

Our sports photography workshops are even better when you bring a friend along to act as a model. Or we can hire someone to step in and act as the talent.

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Sports Photography Workshops in Copenhagen

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