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Start or Continue Your Photography-Learning Journey with One of Our Private or Group Photography Workshops in Copenhagen

Isn’t it about time you learnt to use that thing?

Beginner's Photography (Group) Workshop

Private Photography Workshop, Testimonial, Copenhagen, DenmarkWant to know what all those buttons do and how to start taking great pictures? Then the Beginners Photography Workshop is exactly what you need.

The three-hour group workshop takes place every first Saturday of the month at 10am. This is our most popular course, so book early to avoid disappointment.


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Prior photographic knowledge or experience isn’t necessary to join in on the three-hour Digital SLR Photography for Beginners workshop, which is perfect for those of you who are just starting to find out the capabilities of your digital SLR camera.

Over the course of the morning we will start to explore the camera’s settings, functions and artistic approaches whilst out on the streets. With group sizes no larger than five per workshop, you can expect personal tuition and support from me whenever you need it.

Workshops take place on Saturdays from 10am til 1pm, and we meet at the bar inside Generator Hostel – just a short walk from Nyhavn and the city centre. It gives us the chance to introduce ourselves over a cup of coffee and discuss the plan for the day before we head out.

We will, of course, visit some well-known sites around the city and also learn how to photograph the simplest of everyday things. Throughout the day we will discuss any questions you might have and talk about equipment that is available to help improve your skills.




Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Adobe Lightroom WorkshopWant to learn all about editing and storing your images quickly and professionally? You’ll learn how to import, keyword, edit and archive your images like a true pro in no time at all.


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Taking photographs is just the start, and the real fun begins when you sit down to edit your images. I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to edit my photographs for many years and it’s now part of my daily workflow. I use it from start to finish, to import and organise my images, make edits and corrections, and prepare them for uploading or delivering to clients or my own portfolio.

Adobe Lightroom is a truly amazing tool. With its easy to use interface and editing tools that don’t overwhelm the user, getting to grips with this software is a must for any serious photographer who is ready to showcase their images to an audience, whether it’s their friends or peers, potential clients, or simply to enjoy turning the photographs they take in to works of art.

Workshops are held on request and are split between two lessons, or in one longer session. Most workshops take place in my office in the centre of Copenhagen, though it is possible for us to meet at your home or place of work.

To take part you will need a working copy of Adobe Lightroom on a laptop and a file full of images for you to play around with and edit.



Private (1-2-1) Photography Workshop

Photography Instructor Matthew teaches a Flash Photography WorkshopAll the knowledge and advice from our popular Beginner’s Photography Workshop, but with straight-forward 1-2-1 tuition.

We learn and move at your own pace, whether you’re a fast learner, or need a bit more time to delve deeper into techniques. 


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One-to-one tuition is extremely beneficial when it comes to covering more topics and focusing purely on your own skills and development. Maybe you’re a quick learner who picks things up easily, or maybe the concept of aperture vs shutter speed is a tad confusing. However you approach your learning techniques, my private workshops take place at your pace.

For example, maybe you want to learn how to get creative with your lighting and off-camera flash techniques, or maybe you want to take better portraits of family and friends. Got a thing for architecture? Copenhagen’s buildings are some of the best in the world; a mixture of modern and historic, so where better to learn how to take fantastic cityscapes?

Prices start at 1600 DKK for one person, and of course, there’s always a discount for people who come in pairs and groups. Contact me for more information or to make a booking.



Photography Gift Voucher

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, photography workshops in copenhagen, photography courses in copenhagen, learn photography in copenhagen, take better pictures,If you’re looking for something a little different this year for a Christmas or birthday present then why not try a Shooting Copenhagen Gift Voucher? We’ll even add a personalised message for you!



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Vouchers are redeemable within six months of the purchasing date*, meaning that you can plan well in advance or even choose a particular date to use it on.


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