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Adobe Lightroom Workshops

Because taking great photos is just the start

Learn how to edit images and develop a workflow in Adobe Lightroom 

Taking photographs is just the start, and the real fun begins when you sit down to edit your images.

Here at Shooting Copenhagen, we’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for many years as part of our daily photography workflow. It’s how we import, organise, edit and export images for our clients.

Lightroom truly is an amazing tool. With its easy-to-use interface, and editing tools that don’t overwhelm the user, getting to grips with this software is a must for any serious photographer who is ready to showcase their images to an audience or simply wants to enjoy turning the photographs they take in to works of art.

And for businesses and organisations, Lightroom is without a doubt the best place to store and easily find your image files for future use. 

 The End Result

Adobe Lightroom Lessons in Copenhagen

What you’ll learn

The Adobe Lightroom Workshops are split in to two sessions, and you can choose to take both of them, or just the one. Part One is a very thorough introduction to the software – ideal for those wanting to fully understand how to install and set it up. Whereas Part Two is purely all about editing and processing your images.


Part One – Getting Started with Lightroom 


If you’re entirely new to Lightroom, learning how get started is important if you truly intend to make it a part of your photography workflow. We’ll discuss the following topics:


• How to download and install on your laptop or computer (to save time, consider doing this prior to the workshop). 

• Which settings to choose in the Preferences and Catalogue Settings panels. Set it and forget it!

• The best method of storing and arranging your image files so they are easy to locate each and every time you open Lightroom.

• How to create a simple Import Template to save time importing your images after a shoot

To some people, most of this sounds boring – and in a way it is. But the key here is to spend time getting it right now, and never having to waste time on it in the future.



Part Two – How to Edit Photos in Lightroom


Admittedly, this is the really fun part, and you’d be forgiven for choosing just this session. If you just want to learn how to edit your images so they look as great as you want them to look, then this is the session for you. In this part we’ll discuss:


• Importing and organising your image files. 

• How to select the good ones from the bad, and how to identify these selections quickly.

• What each of the side panel editing tools do, and how to use them effectively.

• Creating presets and using those already installed.

• Techniques to sharpen, straighten and ‘fix’ issues that were captured in the photo.

• Colour corrections, exposure and contrast settings. 

• How to make your pictures look amazing


Before and After Edit from Adobe Lightroom



What About Photoshop?

Photoshop is a great tool, but it is extremely complicated for most first-time users, and includes many tools that simply aren’t necessary for a typical photography workflow. However, it’s worth purchasing the Lightroom and Photoshop software package from Adobe, as it costs the same price and the two programmes work in harmony together. This is something we can go through during the workshop if you choose to install both programmes.


The Adobe Lightroom Workshop costs 3.390 DKK for two sessions  (Part One and Part Two), or 1.695 DKK for one (all prices include local VAT at 25%). For Business rates, please contact us for a quote


The End Result


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