Adobe Lightroom Workshop


Taking photographs is just the start, and the real fun begins when you sit down to edit your images. I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to edit my photographs for many years and it’s now part of my daily workflow. I use it from start to finish, to import and organise my images, make edits and corrections, and prepare them for uploading or delivering to clients or my own portfolio.

Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom in your every day workflow for editing and managing your images [/caption]

Adobe Lightroom is a truly amazing tool. With its easy to use interface and editing tools that don’t overwhelm the user, getting to grips with this software is a must for any serious photographer who is ready to showcase their images to an audience, whether it’s their friends or peers, potential clients, or simply to enjoy turning the photographs they take in to works of art.


Workshops are held on request and are split between two lessons, or in one longer session. Most workshops take place in my office in the centre of Copenhagen, though it is possible for us to meet at your home or place of work.


To take part you will need a working copy of Adobe Lightroom on a laptop and a file full of images for you to play around with and edit.


The Adobe Lightroom Workshop costs 4.995 DKK for two sessions (all prices include local VAT at 25%). Please contact me if you wish to arrange a Private or Group Workshop